Hi, my name is Nic Love and I am a licensed skin therapist, aka an Esthetician, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  I focus on treating various skin conditions, taking a whole body, mind and soul approach, because it is all connected!  Through my years of practice, almost 10 years now, I have learned that all treatments must start with and be based in love.  Each of us has a loving place, that is unique to each of us, and 100% in tune with our bodies specific needs. 

"Mindmapping Connecting Your

Mind To Your Heart Desires"

Mindmapping is an amazing tool to get out what you have in your head to better connect with you heart. This technique, guided through with Nic Love, helps visualize what you desire to first realize what it is and looks like and what is needed in order to make it a reality, no longer just a thought in your head! Nic with guide you this technique on why, what and how to get the mind and heart better aligned towards achieving goals of any kind.

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