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Book your one hour consultation with Nic Love, a licensed Holistic Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Gut Health Coach. This is an opportunity for you to learn all about your skin and how best to care for it, all from the comfort of your home.

Book your consultation now to receive your personalized Gut Skin Axis Evaluation that includes: Consultation Review, At Home Skin Care Protocol Recommendations, Product Brand Recommendations, Digestive Health Check-in Skin Conditioned Focused, Current Wellness Diet Gut Analysis, and Skin Loving Healing Considerations. 



  • You will schedule a one hour block of time to meet online where we'll discuss your current regimen and your goals in depth and how we can work together to achieve your best skin.  This allows me to go in depth about what you need from an integrative approach.

  • After booking a session is confirmed you will complete a very detailed online form to best ascertain your skin history, relevant medical information; personal health, family health, diet, exercise, lifestyle factors, current medication, previous treatments and/or procedures.  You will also be asked to provide up close pictures of your face for an in-depth look at your skin through images.  This is essential in creating a plan that is bio-individualistic to your specific goals taking a holistic and integrative approach to treatment recommendations aligned with your goals.  

  • After this initial consultation session you will receive within five days an email with your personalized detailed Gut Skin Axis Evaluation which includes: Consultation Review, At Home Skin Care Protocol Recommendations (a skin care routine that is created just for you based on your skin goals and a boosted appearance after a two week period of time if not sooner), Product Brand Recommendations, Digestive Health Check-in Skin Conditioned Focused, Current Wellness Diet Gut Analysis, and Skin Loving Healing Considerations.  

  • You will have the option to review your Gut Skin Axis Evaluation if needed with a fifteen minute online session to discuss or ask any questions you may have.  

  • You will receive two follow up emails.  One email after three weeks checking in on how you are doing in implementing your recommendations to see if anything needs to be adjusted for better alignment.  The second email 6 weeks after our call, as it takes about 40 days to start to truly see results, to check in on how your progress is coming along.



Your skin is often a great barometer for what’s going on inside your gut.

More and more studies are coming out demonstrating a strong association between skin disorders and gut health, leading many to determine there is a gut-skin axis.



The gut and the skin so have much in common, which contributes to the gut-skin axis.  Both the gut and the skin play key roles as defenders against pathogens invading from the outside environment.  Additionally, they are large players in the neuroendocrine messaging system, as they have nerves that send and receive signals from the brain with the ability to send messages to other parts of the body.

Another similarity between the two is that the skin has its own microbiome that is just as important to health as that of the gut microbiome.  Although it has not yet been studied as in depth as the gut microbiome, studies have found it to be one of the most diverse microbiomes in the body.  The microbiota provides protection through acting as a barrier against potential issues.  It is essential to have a good balance between the commensal and pathogenic bacteria, and dysbiosis has the potential to contribute to skin disorders and diseases, just as in the gut.  These similarities also lead to many connections between disorders of the gut and skin.

​Healing any inflammation or disorders of the gut can have a significant impact on the health of the skin.  Removing triggers like allergenic food can also mitigate skin reactions.  A healthy microbiome also provides metabolites and other benefits to alleviate skin problems.