Crystal Therapy Sessions promote health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment.



  • Crystal Healing is a healing method that utilizes the energy field and chakra points found within a living organism. 

  • As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner I recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools, essential that those who use them for therapeutic purposes have had adequate training in oder to do so in an effective yet secure and sensible manner.

  • As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner I have an understanding of the Human EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) and how crystals interact with it.

  • As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner I am trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances and blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy in all living beings.

What are the Benefits of Receiving Distance Energy Healing?

  • Results can often be far quicker than hands-on treatment (varies case by case).

  • You don’t have to go anywhere to receive the healing (use the comfort of your own home)!

  • It can be a accessed and reach all parts of the world quickly and easily.

  • Your privacy is always maintained – no one has to know that you are receiving healing crystal therapy sessions.



What can you expect from a Crystal Therapy Session with Nic Love?

  • A deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, no contact therapy.

  • Re-alignment of energetic frequencies, removes emotional blocks, soul learning and spiritual growth.

  • Promoting health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment.

  • General session is 90 minutes via Zoom and involves the following:

    • 10 minutes client intake/review

    • 40-50 minutes crystal therapy chakra sensing and balancing session from the comfort of your own space of choosing.

    • 5 minutes client grounding for energetic integration and transmutting.

    • Includes 30 minutes crystal review and session review with feedback for a better understanding.

  • After Session client will receive a detailed "Session Feedback and Recommendations Report" that also includes an Oracle and or Affirmation Card intuitively choose to help support your post session needs.



Using crystals to support you in adjusting your energetic body wellness needs.



The seven main seven chakras are energy centers, found along the spine.  They are described as swirling vortices of energy, interpreted by the physical and subtle (mental, emotional, and spiritual) bodies, also known as the human energy field (aura/light body).  Since there is a flood of energy constantly coming into the chakras, over time, they can become imbalanced.  The most common way to treat a specific area of the human energy field is through chakra balancing with the healing energy and frequency of crystals.


A customized crystal therapy body layout based on your individualistic energetic body, mind, life and soul needs.  This layout involves placing stones on and around the body to create a shift in your energy field.  Crystal layouts can follow geometric patterns or may be done intuitively.  The overall purpose is to direct the flow of energy from the stones to shift the energy within your body, mind, spirit, and life.



Healing crystal stones can be extremely helpful in healing a cat or dog or keeping their energy tuned into flow. Like humans animals have chakras throughout their body that can be in or out of balance. Their energetic system is more complex than humans as they have chakras that directly connect to mother earth and the atmosphere.  Their energy frequency actually vibrates higher than a humans as they tend to be in tune with the frequencies of joy, happiness, contentment, unconditional love.  Includes a targeted healing crystal body layout based on your pets energetic and physical body needs.   


Crystal grids can help you with anything at all.  Crystal grids combine the patterned design targeted to your intentions combined with the energetic properties of specific crystals that align with those intentions, together enhances the crystals’ energy.  Crystal grids can be utilized in helping to support goal manifestation, enhance meditative practice and connection, and healing attunement in the spiritual and physical body.  If you can imagine it, then the right crystal grid can help to make it happen and with my knowledge on all things crystal I can help support you in creating a grid that aligns with your innermost desires.



With specific life, mind, body and soul, deep rooted desires and needs that change with the flow of time certain crystals can help provide the needed energetic support.  Based on what you are seeking there is a combination of crystals to create a specific Crystal Prescription that can help provide the needed energetic support.  An intuitively and knowledge based customization for any and every desire.

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Certified Crystal Practitioner

The Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course is an Internationally Accredited Course in over 26 countries.  We’re accredited as an Approved Provider by some of the world’s leading professional bodies representing the worldwide complementary and alternative health industry.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has been professionally and internationally accredited and certified by the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA), the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), and the World Metaphysical Association (WMA).



Crystals have been integrated into healing for most of history but western cultures lost an important connection of working with the stones until recently. Many people are once again realizing that crystals hold a lot of healing energy that can help eliminate negative energy, the effects of negative energy and protect against certain negative energetic frequencies.  Crystals are known to channel and transmit the vibrational energy from the earth of their extraction and they are a valuable healing tool in holistic medicine and energy healing treatments, as they can work and transform the energy around them.

The chakras in the body are directly associated with the light colors or frequencies of the colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Both you and your pet are filled with an internal rainbow in the body, these are the chakras or energy systems that connect the vibrational frequencies of light through the body and with universal source energy.  If everything is in alignment and energy is able to flow it allows the body to draw on the light frequencies of the chakras to either increase or decrease the vibrational energy in the body.  This becomes important when we understand that chakras out of balance or stuck can begin to create un-ease and illness in the body.  To help heal your own energy or your pet's you can use the vibrational frequency of color and use crystals to help realign yours or your pet's internal rainbow or chakra system. 

When we hold a crystal near an organ or other organic material, the vibrational level of that organ improves, meaning the signal becomes regulated and harmonious with the rest of the organism.  The health of the organ is restored with repeated exposure to crystal resonance.

Some crystals have specific abilities for healing. For instance, there are specific crystals that seem to resonate better to restore health to certain organs or disease conditions. Carnelian for instance works very well with various skin conditions. Amethyst works well for headache and arthritic conditions as well as thyroid disorders. Crystals even work well to work on emotional states such as Rose Quartz for love and happiness. Some crystals, such as Selenite, are also used as bridges to higher consciousness. Animals appreciate the psycho-spiritual aspects as much as humans.