~ We are stars wrapped in skin - the light you are seeking has always been within ~



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"You can't get rid of fat , you have to heal it.  As soon as you start healing it, then it starts to go away."

Hi my loves! My name is Nic Love and I am an Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  So are you asking what the heck is or does that do or even mean?  Well simply put, an Esthetician is a skin care therapist that knows how the skin works five layers deep and what it takes to be at its optimal health and how to help get you and keep you there.  An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach focuses on helping people with food and lifestyle changes by tailoring wellness programs to meet specific individualized needs.  I do all of this using a holistic approach to achieving a loving healthy body and all the various ways that we feed our mind, bodies, and heart space.  

Recipes & Inspiration 


Food is a language, and it is telling you something with what you crave.  The Lovingly Living blog is all about naturally living curiously in all areas of our lives through skin with love, food with love, living with love, and fit with love.

One-on-One & Group Sessions


Whether it is a one-on-one session or a group session, participants receive hands on access to me and my various resources that help guide them through making those small little shifts towards lasting changes for their health and wellness needs.